The Hawker HUNTER

This was the only 2 seat Hunter flying in Australia with operational Martin Baker ejection seats. This is a major safety issue as it is not possible to jump out of jet aircraft safely. There is now another operational 2 seat Hunter flying.

The aircraft has a top speed of 620kts at sea level and is capable of exceeding the speed of sound at altitude.

A high performance jet fighter, the HUNTER has both speed and manouevrability capabilities that far exceed other jets flying in Australia.

In comparison between our aircraft and the other jet warbirds operated by similar companies the Hawker HUNTER aircraft was designed specifically as a combat, not trainer, jet.

The difference in handling, speed and vertical, or climb, rate is extreme.

The cockpit is air-conditioned and very quiet.

It is also a pilot’s aircraft and is a delight to fly with very sensitive and light controls at all speeds.

Pure breed, Pure thrill, Pure speed